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I am the founder of SheBusy Productions, LoVetta Jenkins.  I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and I began my acting career at the age of six months old in a local bank commercial. I have worked in front of, and behind, the camera ever since.   The company got its name, SheBusy, based on my current life and all of the “balls” that I have to keep in the air. My sole purpose for developing SheBusy Productions was to have a company, in my area that was economical and accessible to clients who had dreams of making great films on “good enough” budgets.  The company’s primary focus has been producing documentary films but I am always open to creating films that are the complete vision and brainchild of someone else.  It is not my ultimate goal to make Hollywood blockbusters but to make films that will encourage people to think and awaken their minds to different ideas.  I want to make the kinds of films that make people become uncomfortable with their stagnant life, so uncomfortable that they have no choice but to change for the better.  If I can produce a film that causes one person to change the way they think, or the way that they treat others, then I will have accomplished my life’s greatest work.