HBO Got Hacked, Game of Thrones Leaked and I’m STILL Watching! *SPOILERS*

In case you have’t heard, HBO got hacked and the hackers managed to steal, AND LEAK, the next episode of Game of Thrones 3 days before the episode was due to air. The leaked episode has since been wiped clean from the internet but,  I will admit, I bit the bullet and watched it AND I’M STILL going to watch on Sunday!  This episode was sooooo good, I’m going to have dreams about it for at least a week! If you don’t mind a few spoilers, watch my recap below!


Orange is the New Black Season 5 Recap!

Even though the series leaked online quite a while ago, I waited until it’s official release to post my recap.  Last year, everyone insisted that I looked like Black Cindy so, for this year’s review, I decided to look the part!

Enjoy my full Season 5 “Orange is the New Black” recap below!

Orange Is The New Black: Season 4!



Season 4 of Orange is The New Black dropped yesterday, June 17, and like some of you, I binge-watched the entire season in one sitting! If you want to get a good rundown of EVERYTHING (it contains TONS OF SPOILERS)  that happened, watch the video below!

Let’s discuss the show down in the comments! What do you think is going to happen next season? Is anybody else going to die? Where in the world is Bennett? Will we ever see Daya’s baby again?


Let’s talk about: Nina!


Dear Lord why? Why did they make this and why did I watch it? After telling myself for months that I wasn’t going anywhere near this film, I caved last night and watched it. Or should I say, let it watch me? I put the film on a loop in an attempt to force myself to consume the offering in its entirety. It was a hard task but after several naps, I finally did it!

Let me rewind a bit and say this: IF this film was about a fictional character that only existed in the mind of a daydreamer, it wouldn’t have been so bad! However, this was supposed to be a representation of the life of the tormented musical genius Nina Simone and it failed to  portray her accurately. I wept for the film that her biopic should have been. For how she should have been viewed. For the sides of her that were glazed over, skimmed and trimmed to fit Hollywood standards.

The film created a lot of negative buzz among fans of Ms. Simone’s work when they learned that producers had cast Afro-Latina actress Zoe Saldana to star in the film. Although Saldana is a pretty good actress (I loved her in Colombiana) this was a role that she should have gracefully declined. For starters, these two women look NOTHING alike, and yes, I know Diana Ross looks nothing like Billie Holiday (don’t come for Miss Ross because I’m a diehard STAN) but in my opinion “Lady Sings the Blues” at least did justice to her life, her struggles and to her music. “Nina” aimed at success and missed it by a mile.

imageIn order to transform Ms. Saldana into the Afrocentric Nina Simone, Saldana had to wear a prosthetic nose, teeth and some questionable body makeup. The endeavor proved to be fatal for the film with would-be moviegoers opting out of warching the film based on the casting and makeup alone.  While I will admit the makeup is HORRIBLE, what rubbed me wrong the most was Saldana’s struggle to continue speaking in a lower register throughout the film. For singing purposes it worked but listening to her speak was like listening to a child try and imitate a parent over the phone when a teacher calls. Totally unbelievable.


There are tons of actresses who could have given this role so much more life without the need for additives.  My personal favorite is Uzo Aduba. Casting Uzo would have saved the production company money on makeup and ditched the need for the prosthetic nose. Sure they would have had to close her gap but it still would have been cheaper than paying to give someone an overbite they never had. Not to mention Uzo is a phenomenal actress who sings from the heart and has the capability to portray tormented characters with ease.


Have you seen this film? What are your thoughts? Do you feel like it let true fans down or did they do Nina Simone justice? If you could recast this film who would you choose? Let’s talk about “Nina” in the comments below!

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”



Run Time: 146 minutes
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Not many of you know this but I am a die-hard Hunger Games fan!  I was introduced to the first film through a post on Full Sail University’s website about two former graduates, Jeff Wallace and Chrys Blackstone, who worked on the film.  Always one to support a fellow Full Sailor, I went to see the film and was instantly captivated.  That night I bought the entire series on Kindle and read the whole thing in three days.  Needless to say I was anxious for “Catching Fire” to be completed and released, I even had a count down on my iPad!


On November 22, 2013 at 12:01am I found myself seated in a midnight showing of “Catching Fire”.  To say that I wanted to see this movie more than I wanted to be well rested for my 5am drive to work would mean that I am a citizen of The Capitol and I’m not willing to admit that. . . not yet anyway.  To say I was completely rapt would be an understatement.  The film was superb, brilliant, vivid, nerve-wrecking (even though I’d read the story twice) and full of emotion but. . . I was also left with a few questions. . .




  1. Why didn’t they show Plutarch’s mockingjay watch?
  2. Why did it feel as if they sped up the whole arena portion?
  3. Why do all of the actors seem “too young” compared to the way the book portrayed them?
  4. Why did Mags have teeth?
  5. Cinna didn’t really look dead, is he coming back then?


I know that to some these questions might seem absurd but, to a Hunger Games aficionado, these things were important.  Believe me, I understand that not everything that is in the book is going to get into a movie but some points, I feel, are necessary to help drive the movie along.  Maybe the watch was left out so that the audience would really be surprised when they saw Katniss being rescued.  Maybe they decided not to kill Cinna *cough* because he’s hot *cough* because he was so important to Katniss. Maybe the other Victors were of the more recent variety. . . Eh. . .


All in all this film was AMAZING! I saw it twice the first day it premiered and it’s going to be in my DVD collection the moment it hits the stores! If you haven’t seen it yet (why are you on this planet?) GO SEE IT!



Star Trek: Into Darkness


J. J. Abrams 2013 film “Star Trek: Into Darkness” was by far one of the most riveting films that I have seen in a while.  The film is a prequel to the Star Trek films that I grew up on and “Into Darkness” offered a lot of insight on exactly why Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) the nemesis of Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) has had it out for the Star fleet all of these years.  “Into Darkness” full of action, emotion and explosions and is a great movie for date night, family time or just to watch alone.