HBO Got Hacked, Game of Thrones Leaked and I’m STILL Watching! *SPOILERS*

In case you have’t heard, HBO got hacked and the hackers managed to steal, AND LEAK, the next episode of Game of Thrones 3 days before the episode was due to air. The leaked episode has since been wiped clean from the internet but,  I will admit, I bit the bullet and watched it AND I’M STILL going to watch on Sunday!  This episode was sooooo good, I’m going to have dreams about it for at least a week! If you don’t mind a few spoilers, watch my recap below!


Orange is the New Black Season 5 Recap!

Even though the series leaked online quite a while ago, I waited until it’s official release to post my recap.  Last year, everyone insisted that I looked like Black Cindy so, for this year’s review, I decided to look the part!

Enjoy my full Season 5 “Orange is the New Black” recap below!