Memorable Weddings

This is a compilation of SheBusy Productions most recent weddings.  Each wedding was shot in the specific style and tone that was requested by the clients themselves.  One couple wanted a more down-to-earth feel, one desired a fantasy and traditional type of video and the last couple wanted a more “fun” or party type of wedding and reception video.  Whether it is a daytime, evening, outdoors or chapel setting, SheBusy Productions will always strive to please.  Each couple was given the option to choose their own music that would be played during the video and each DVD that was made had its own customized menu and DVD sleeve.  SheBusy Productions is definitely a full service Cinematography Company.


This promotional video was created for a Photography studio using Adobe After Effects.

This promotional video was created for an internet television channel using Adobe Premiere.

This is an example of our foley and sound design work.  Every sound that you hear was organized by SheBusy Productions.


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